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Many thank you to the following people and institutions for their assistance in the creation of this book and who are in no manner responsible for its contents or faults.

Joanna Barry of the University of Chicago Press for her consideration. A special thank you to Professor I.A.B. van Buitenen of the University of Chicago Press. Much thanks to L.J. Bolchazy, Ph.D., of Bolchazy - Carducci Publishers, 44 Lake Street, Oak Park, Illinois. Cliffton Linedecker, Editor of the National Examiner, Boca Raton, Florida. Vaughn M. Greene, San Bruno, California. The Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Girard - Arcturus Book Service, Stone Mountain, Georgia. Wilson Research Library, University of Minnesota, The Cairo Museum, Cairo, Egypt, and a very special thank you to Officer Earl Boor of New Richmond, Wisconsin for his generous help.

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